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There isn’t a large difference in terms of design when looking at the LifeProof Nuud vs. Dog & Bone Wetsuit. The biggest difference between these two cases is how they’re installed. The Nuud comes in two pieces whereas the Wetsuit has three. The Dog & Bone case literally has a wetsuit that you have to put on the case. It’s not hard to put on your iPhone but this design features makes the Wetsuit a tougher case than the Nuud.

This is the biggest dog bone I have ever seen! It is actually bigger than Mr. Mogley Haha

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How to Make a dog Happy?...just give the biggest bone that you can find:)

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Sep 7, 2014 - This is the biggest dog bone I have ever seen

Tiny dog who is so tiny that normal-sized dog bones are bigger than her. | 35 Dogs That Will Make Your Day Instantly Better A dog's skeleton has an average of 319 bones, which is about 100 more bones than humans. Dogs have the greatest variety in the size and configuration of their skeletons of any species of animal. Even though the tiny Chihuahua has the same number and type of bones as the Great Dane, the size and shape of their bones are very different. The biggest differences (other than sheer size) are in the bones of the skull. A dog’s shoulder blades are not tightly connected to its skeleton, so the dog has potential for greater motion and flexibility.


One of the biggest challenges dog owners of multiple dog households face is teaching dogs how to peacefully enjoy bones together. Some common problems include but are not limited to:

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As with everything else in the entire world, there are always going to be different opinions about every situation; including natural bones and how to feed them...or whether to give them to your dog at all. Dogs do require some supervision while chewing and enjoying their bones. As with any natural bones though, we encourage you to occasionally inspect the bone for any splintering. Even though dogs are efficient at digesting small amounts of bone material, if there are any many larger chunks being bitten off rapidly, we recommend removing and replacing the bone with a larger one. It is also good practice to allow your dog a set amount of time to chew on their bone and then remove it for the day. Using this suggestion will give the chance to inspect the bone and also keep from devouring too much at one time. Of course, all of these variables depend entirely on the size and type of dog that you have and how aggressive of a chewer they are.

We make a wide variety of bone sizes to accommodate all sizes of dogs. The biggest consideration is to make sure that your dog has the right sized bone to match their size.

Following these guidelines should decrease any potential problems and give your dog a safe and great bone chewing experience.

I just can't get the Easel Dogbone app to work in any way that's useful to my workflow right now. Biggest issue is that it's really just able to create tabbed outline cuts, whereas I'm needing a filleted pocket cut.