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I just wanted to let you know that my dogs love the toys that I won in the Made in America Christmas Giveaway. They love the squeaky hemp carrot and the cotton tug toy was a BIG hit with my younger dog. I can't believe how well the tug toy has held up to her constant rough play
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DIY dog toys could be your answer if you're tired of shelling out big bucks on ..

New toys coming out for dogs tend to play off the animals' intelligence and are more creative and durable than toys of just a few years ago. The is triggered by the slightest vibration or even a pet's breathing. Each ball is programmed with numerous phrases like"Rock 'n' roll big doggie" or "Here kitty, kitty" and is available for dogs and cats."

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The size of the squirrels will remain the same, but the larger toys have a bigger trunk for your dog to play with I absolutely love your products and so does Max, our dog. I bought him two just recently, and. He is a med size dog at 45 lbs and definitely not a chewer. He still has his original toys from two years ago and loves all of them. However, he went crazy with the Kitty Ball. Maybe he loved the points on the ball as he has this on a lot of his toys. within the first day he went thru the coating and left a small piece hanging so I took it away from him. Is there anyway I can fix it and if I had asked you first would you have suggested I not get this one for him because of his size! He can't believe he can't have it and does take the Little Doggie for not completely happy! Thanks again for some great products! We just received the babble ball for our dog...but it is too small. Do you have plans to make a bigger one w/ the kitty version for big dogs?. That would definitely be a favorite in our house! Our dogs LOVE the they have! ~Victor

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With both its solid rubber ball base and tug-o-war capable rope, the is great to engage the active dog for a long period. It is designed to be kicked, tugged, thrown, carried and launched. It also floats, even after being punctured! Centinela Feed’s doggie day care team uses these toys with big dogs and it is the best one for holding up, even against 30 dogs pulling on it every day!

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That way you are able to reward your pup or simply provide them with some Substantially required training with their favourite plush Pet toys or ball. In addition to toy and deal with fueled playtime, day by day walks with the correct Pet dog components can offer some terrific bonding moments. And to keep them hunting comfortably fashionable wherever they go, there are actually is really a big selection of Pet dog and Pet clothes and equipment For each celebration and year. In case your pup is new to walks, In addition there are specialised dog and puppy extras accessible to assist leash train your dog, so you can make absolutely sure your younger pooch can respect The foundations on the highway since they investigate the planet outdoors your home. It's also possible to discover Canine instruction supplies to bolster excellent habits like clickers, pee pads, and bark collars.New REAL LIVE dog hiding in surprise egg! Pick up doggy doo + squeaky dog toys. Puppy fun with HobbyPig + HobbyFrog and HobbyBear. This idea created by HobbyKidsTV. Click here to Subscribe:

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