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The first on our list of best dog coats for winter is an item made by a well respected go company, Kurgo. This quilted dog winter coat is available in blue, red, and green and is made from waterproof microtomic nylon, making it a great option for the most adventurous dogs.

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Best Dog Coats for Winter - Click to learn about Hurtta Dog Coats (4 Different Styles)--> Frost Dog Jacket, Ultimate Warmer Dog Coat, Winter Dog Coat, & Microfleece Jumpsuit - Also highlights Chilly Dogs Winter Coats - #dogcoats on Outdoor Dogs Blog via Cross Peak Products

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Mar 22, 2016 - 5 Best Dog Coats for Winter Cold & Rain. To Keep Dogs Warm, Dry and Stylish in Harsh Weather. 1 Kurgo Loft Waterproof Dog Jacket with Leash Opening. 2 Zack & Zoey Polyester Nor'easter Dog Blanket Coat. 3 Explorer Double Fleece Reflective Dog Coat by Kakadu Pet. ome pet owners think that dressing their canines into winter dog coats is only for style, because dogs have their own coats for warmth. That is not true, however, and vets warn how important it is to keep our pets warm. As such, we've looked around to find the five best dog coats for winter and rain.

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Looking through the dog coats reviews, it seems pets don’t mind the extra layer of these dog winter coats, and most move around as if they weren’t wearing anything at all. fits dogs with unique builds, such as a boxer, as well as more ordinary shapes. It is waterproof and does a great job of holding off rain and snow. However, there is no special lining (such as flannel) for added warmth on Kurgo's best dog coats for winter. The added safety provided through the reflective piping is a great addition for pet owners who tend to walk their dog after dark.

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I recommended browsing through this dog winter coat reviews for others' opinion. The fleece is very warm which makes it a perfect option for dogs in cold weather. The material of wraps around the belly, which provides more warmth than most of the other dog winter clothes available. Pet owners appreciate how adjustable the Velcro closures make this third one of the best dog coats for winter, mostly because of the extra give it provides. Even though the material goes underneath, it doesn’t get in the way during potty breaks for majority of dogs.Finally, the last one of the best dog coats for winter comes from a company called Collections Etc. This dog winter coat resembles a heavy coat that a human might wear, making it a great option for the most fashionable dogs in super cold weather. The fabric is faux suede and it features a soft polyester fleece lining that resembles real sheep skin.The design of this dog winter coat is very similar to the #3 option, which is what puts it closely together on this list of best dog coats for winter. The fleece itself on is very warm and a perfect option for dogs who will spend more time in really cold weather. The material wraps around the belly, which provides more warmth than most of the winter dog coats out there. As for the problems, it's the same issue – sizing. Some pet owners complained that it's difficult to fit the coat onto their dogs, even when purchased according to sizing chart.