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In our family, we have a 5-year-old boxer and a 12-week-old chocolate lab. It’s difficult to find the best dog toy that they will both play with. To make it more difficult, our boxer, Chloe, doesn’t really enjoy doggy toys and our puppy, of course, loves almost any type of puppy toy. There has to be some kind of incentive to gain Chloe’s interest. There usually needs to be some type of motivation involved. In this case, a treat dispensing toy will usually get her up off the couch.

One of the best solutions to a bored dog is a treat-dispensing toy. These toys allow your dog to use their brain as well as their brawn.

Pet Zone® Rubber Treat Toys are more than just toys … They’re three toys in one! Besides being fun toys for your dog to chew and carry, they’re also dental health tools to help clean teeth and stimulate gums, which may reduce tartar and plaque build-up. Best of all, they’re treat dispensers! Just insert your dog’s favorite morsels into the holes to encourage chewing, playing, and exercise.

Dog treat puzzles, toys & dispensers can keep your pup busy for hours

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Welcome to the Treat Dispensing Dog Toys superstore! Dogs love interactive games and toys that challenge their problem solving skills and trigger their hunting instincts. These types of toys are made even better if the dog knows that a tasty reward is coming in the end! Treat dispensing cat toys are designed to hold your dog's favorite tasty snacks in such a way that he has to figure out a way to get at them. Not only does this encourage play, mental stimulation and physical exercise, but it leads to one happy pooch! Pet Mountain's Treat Dispensing Dog Toys store features top quality products from the most trusted names in dog toys, treats and games, including Kong, Nylabone, Dog Games, JW Pet, and more.

are ideal for power chewers. Quite possibly the world's best dog toy, it is used worldwide by police K-9, drug enforcement, military K-9 teams, Schutzhund and AKC competition trainers and many more. This stuffable toy is known for its renowned quality & strength. The is the best bouncing and most durable ball on the market! The Kong ball has a hollow core and treat hole for added fun! Stuff the ball with treats to make it more challenging for your dog! The is a fun, interactive toy to keep your dog engaged and mentally stimulated! This toy features three layers which spin to expose hidden treats. With ten total treat chambers, your dog will have to figure out the right rotation configuration to get to them all! If it's too easy or too difficult for your dog, simply use the adjustable knob to increase or decrease resistance on the spinning chambers.

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While boredom is annoying for humans, it can actually cause stress in pets. One of the most popular stressors for homebound hounds is idle time. Daily mental and physical stimulation is extremely important to your dog’s well-being. Interactive dog toys keep your dog active and help build a bond between you and your best friend. Interactive dog toys (also called enrichment dog toys) are created to provide a unique challenge for your dog. The best interactive dog toys include unique features that peak your pup’s interest like unusual sounds, movements and contents. The unusual sounds created by interactive dog toys like squeakers, sound cards or crinkled plastic stimulate and excite your pup’s mind. Interactive toys often inspire movement like toys that bounce, have dangling parts or consist of various textures. Durable chew toys can provide hours of entertainment while satisfying natural chewing instincts. Pups love toys that engage their inner hunters with squeaking sounds or those made for shaking and tugging. There are also many training toys you can try, such as retrieval toys for an epic game of fetch. Treat-dispensing and puzzle toys can help your dog stay sharp, alert and easier to train; providing immediate gratification during play. Dog toy puzzles test your dog’s memory and recall skills. Sensory dog toys stimulate your dog’s senses like touch and sound. Indestructible dog toys provide pups with the ultimate challenge during extended play time. Interactive toys for dogs are truly rewarding because they help build canine confidence and work well as training aids. Dog activity toys can also relieve many of the undesirable side effects of separation anxiety. Chewy features the best interactive dog toys on the market including brands like Starmark, Outward Hound, KONG and Petstages. Outward Hound makes a variety of puppy puzzles perfect for interactive play. Shop these toys and more on Chewy.

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