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If you can’t get your dog’s attention, Miller recommends having a whistle as a measure of last resort. This stainless steel whistle is silent to the human ear but quite loud to a dog. Best of all, the whistle's sound can travel up to two miles. [$23; ]

Whistles 116384: Best Dog Whistle For Silent Bark Control And Training. To Stop Barking Dogs, - BUY IT NOW ONLY: $30.27 on eBay!

A dog whistle or silent whistle as they call it is a special kind of whistle that people cannot her but animals like dogs can. This invention is typically used by dog trainers to give simple commands such as sit and complex demands such as stopping barking. Want to check the best dog whistles in the market? Then check the list of items we haveright in this article.

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Whistles 116384: Best Dog Whistle For Silent Bark Control And Training. To Stop Barking Dogs, - BUY IT NOW ONLY: $30.27 on eBay! These dogs are less responsive when they have been trained to distance and they need to be able to hear and follow the signal from the whistle. But you might ask why you need a whistle while training your Labrador? If your voice is too silent or if you don’t want to get sore throat, then the whistle would be the best choice in the training process.

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each your puppy to be on their best behaviour with this essential dog training whistle. This high-quality dog accessory is made of brass but has a silver finish

I'm thinking a "silent" dog whistle is what I want.

This whistle produces sounds that are insignificant to the human ear but extremely audible to the more sensitive hearing of a dog. While it is not totally silent, this whistle is an excellent means of communication with your best friend without the annoying trill of normal dog whistles. With a range of up to 2 miles with optimum weather and terrain conditions, the European Silent whistle is adjustable for close and long range work.Silent dog whistles are an excellent way to communicate with your dog from a distance without disturbing other people or frightening wildlife. Best of all, the consistency of the whistle tone makes it very effective in delivering clear, easy to understand commands. The best way to accomplish this is by asking your dog the familiar verbal command or hand signal followed by the new whistle command. After repeating several times, the verbal command or hand signal can be gradually phased out and replaced by the silent dog whistle command. Using a silent dog whistle is just like using your voice. Be patient and only use the series of whistles meant for each command. When your dog is in the same room with you, it’s best not to use the whistle and a voice command is more appropriate.