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We have two bully mix dogs with thick necks..a regular flat collar does nothing for correction with these types of dogs..and a regular chain slip collar is ineffective because the narrowness keeps them from really feeling it until they are pulling too hard..the only benefit for chain for them is the click sound of a snap correction. But we have found that in most cases, martingales work best. We use a 2″ wide one on them both since the wider coverage makes them more aware when it does tighten..and does not run the high risks of injury associated with a CC. They are perfect for being tied up out back too. We do use prong collars for walks and crowds..but I would also Only recommend them for people who are trained in how to use them. PC are NOT meant for sustained tension and should Never be used for tying out your pups! But are a useful tool when properly used, especially on thick necked and/or stubborn pull/lunge dogs. They are meant for just a quick tension and release, or “snap” action. So that it only gets their attention, gets their brains back focused on what you are asking of them.
I guess the best advice is that use of Any restraint requires research, training and practice. Each dog responds to different things..and sometimes breed also plays a Huge factor! It’s all about Everyone’s safety, including your furbaby!

If your dog has a small head, a martingale collar might work best for you.

When you need a Martingale dog collar for your sighthound, your dog deserves the best from Royal Image Collars. Royal Image's handmade, beaded Martingale collars are handcrafted with 250 pound (per strand, 6 strands per collar) tested nylon cord, nylon webbing, welded metal “D” and “O” rings, and acrylic & metallic beads. They are sturdy enough to hold even the largest of dogs.

We believe Martingale-style collars are best

For those dogs who slip out of their collar, our Leather Martingale is a handler's best friend We’ve been told this is the best, easiest martingale collar our customers have ever used. We tested it for months before bringing it to you and we think it is the perfect collar! Not only will this …
personalized custom engraved buckle webbing dog collar from designer Mimi Green. Laser engraved with your dog’s name

Martingale Dog Collars & Freedom No Pull Harness

As a proud dog owner, you want the best training aids for your pet. A Martingale collar for dogs may provide the best option for your pet's leash training. Originally created for breeds with smaller skulls, you will find that this collar is used for all different breeds today. And, for those dog owners that want something stylish for their best friend, there are many unique options available.

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