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Comments: Hello, I just recently purchased the wacky walk leashes and the coupler.....I own 2-english bulldogs and there both as strong and they like to pull ya when your trying to walk them, these leashes are the best things ever, I have enjoyed them so much you have better control over your dog's.....I have recommended them to everyone, I come in contact with, I recently took my dogs to the vets office, and I got couple compliments on the leashes and one of the vet techs asked where I got these and I told her she said i love them, she said I am going to get on and look at them for my dog.......I am hoping that my female bulldog will have puppies here in a couple months if it took, and I will recommend your leashes to everyone who will buy a puppy from me.....I just wanted to say your leashes are the best....

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As mentioned above, dogs do what gets reinforced. If your Great Dane pulls on the leash and gets what he wants (to sniff that bush, to greet that person, to chase the cat) then he will continue to do it and it will get worse. Instead, if you feel your dog start to pull you in one direction, turn and walk the opposite way. Once he is walking next to you nicely, you can turn back and go the way he wanted to. This teaches your Great Dane that if he wants to go somewhere, he has to keep that leash loose. This works best when they are still a puppy and not stronger than you, so be sure to train early!

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Before your dog has been properly leash trained, taking him out for walks can be frustrating. Get tips and advice on the best leash for dogs that pull here! Body Harnesses. There are many kinds of body harnesses. Front-attachment harnesses offer great control but are best used with two points of attachment (clip on back of harness with one end of your leash and the front of harness with the other end). For brands, I like the Balance Harness, XtraDog, and the fleece-lined PerfectFit from the UK. Learn how to use the so that you can use a regular harness instead of a no-pull harness.

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These are the second set of Wacky Walkers that I have purchased for our two large greyhounds. We walk so much that we wore out the first set. These leashes are literally the BEST for walking large dogs. The leashes absorb the energy of pulls and leaps (towards cats and rabbits!), so that your arms/shoulders/torso don't get pulled with your dog. I highly, highly recommend Wacky Walkers!

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No-pull products can be a great investment if you’re struggling with an over-eager, unwieldy puppy or dog. There are actually several types of no-pull dog products, including harnesses, leashes, and collars. Some are ideal for large dogs, while others work best for puppies and toy breeds.There are several reasons you might be looking for the best leash for dogs that pull. I mean, everyone knows that dogs are incredibly excitable creatures, right? It’s part of what makes them so loveable. Whether they smell something tasty, see something interesting, or are feeling playful, dogs are always hopping and jumping around.