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Some people prefer to use those ultrasonic whistles for practical reasons. The sound carries far, so silent whistles can be useful for recalling dogs over long distances. Also, because a hunting dog’s hearing is more sensitive than the animals that are being hunted, a silent whistle is the best way to signal the dog without alerting the prey.

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To add the 10 Best Acme Dog Whistles list to your website, copy this code: When it comes to pitch, consider that there are whistles that are fixed while others are adjustable and therefore come with a locking nut that can be loosened so to adjust the pitch. If that’s the case, you might have to experiment and figure out which pitch your dog responds best to.

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We're going to look at our wide selection of dog whistles. We've got a bunch of them. This is one of the whistles that I use. This is the Acme Thunderer. It's a hard plastic whistle. I've used once since I was probably 11 or 12. They are made in the UK. Just one of the best whistles that you can get.The features nickel-plated brass, making it one of the most durable whistles on the market. If offers an adjustable tone that carries over 300 yards, a real plus when hunting. The user can access the tone variations by removing the plastic sheath. It is best to experiment with varying tones until the dog responds repeatedly, and then lock that tone by replacing the sheath. With practice and positive reinforcement, consistent results occur within just a few days.Unlike some of the simpler whistles out there, the PetCore lets you adjust the sound pitch so you can set it to get the best reaction. Every dog breed and individual has a slightly different ear, so even small adjustments in frequency can make a big difference in how they hear it. Once you’ve got the right setting for your dog, you can lock it in and not have to worry about it again.There are a variety of dog whistles on the market and choosing the best depends of a variety of factors. And despite its name, this training tool can also be used to train other animals, including cats.