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Here’s how to get started: In the beginning, remove all other toys from the area and interact with your dog and the food puzzle by putting a nice tasty treat in it which is easy for them to remove. Play together like this new object is THE BEST toy on earth. Once your dog is interested in it, put it up and out of reach to keep it “special.” After your dog has learned to love it, you can use it as a canine pacifier of sorts when you need to leave them alone. Over time, stuff the food puzzle so that the treats are hard to remove easily which will occupy your dog’s time as a fun positive challenge. Peanut butter, a bit of kibble, baby carrots and appropriately sized biscuits are great items to use but you can get as creative as you’d like with dog-appropriate treats.

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The REASON to feed from food puzzles instead of bowls is to entertain and occupy the dog's mind during the day, keeping them quiet and focused, instead of jumping and barking. During evolution, or in the wild, Canids (wolves, dogs, foxes, etc.) spend about 60% of their waking hours attempting to obtain food. This produces physical exercise and mental stimulation. Feeding a dog its entire day's food in 5 minutes without any effort or mental stimulation effectively, "short-circuits" nature's design. The question now becomes, how can we substitute something else to obtain that physical and mental stimulation, while the dog is confined all day in a kennel. The best answer is: Feed from Food Puzzles, and allow hunger to be the motivation to play with the puzzle for hours. Many owners are beginning to feed all home food from puzzles instead of bowls, and reporting great success.

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Best Dog Puzzle toys The puzzles, on the other hand, require your dogs think about the best possible way to reach the treats since they cannot pick this toy up and shake it around. When first introducing your dog to a puzzle, you may notice they get frustrated. If so, simply show them once or twice how to complete the puzzle and then leave them alone with the game for a while. Before you know it, your dog will master the puzzle and get excited when complete.

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These are great for helping your dog keep a sharp mind and a healthy body. There are plenty of different types of puzzles, but the best type in my opinion is one that dispenses a treat when the .

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