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Welcome to the Dog Poop Scoops & Rakes superstore! Animals will be animals, and that means they'll produce waste; this is simply a fact of life. Cleaning up after your dog is one of the less pleasant parts of life as a pet owner, but it has to be done nevertheless. Fortunately, plenty of quality, sanitary products are available in order to make the best of a messy job. Our full selection of dog poop scoops allows you to pick up your dog's mess with total convenience - perfect for doggy dumps in the grass or backyard!

Pet Mountain's Dog Poop Scoops & Rakes store features top quality products from the most trusted names in dog care and clean-up equipment, including Flexrake, Precision Pet, Four Paws, and Nature's Miracle. The features a sturdy but lightweight construction. The durable, non-rusting aluminum makes cleaning up after your dog easy. This is sold separate of the dog scoop and is only the long spade. It will not rust and will keep going as long as your dog does!

The features a retractable aluminum handle that extends from 29" to 44". The heavy duty, zinc-plated steel tray and rake feature a non-stick effect that make clean up even easier.

is a poop scoop and spade with an aluminum handle for your convenience. The pan and spade are made of durable, non-rusting aluminum, with AlumiLite aluminum handles. It's made in America of superior materials to last a lifetime.

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May 30, 2017 - Some dog pooper scoopers are made specifically for grass while others work best on hard surfaces. The best scoopers will work well on both.

This poop scooper is made with non-stick material allowing for easy clean-up and is conversely ergonomically designed eliminating the need of constantly bending over to pick up after your pet. It is the best all-around model for use on cement, gravel or grass. It quickly switches between a spade and rake and includes a pan that makes dog waste removal quite simple and quick.

Aug 29, 2007 - Does anyone have a durable pooper scooper they like

Results 1 - 26 of 26 - The best dog poop scoopers are inexpensive, practical, rust-resistant and best for use on grass It works awesome on grass, sand, chips and even on asphalt. The long handle is perfect for owners who hate bending down just to sweep up the waste. Other Dog Pooper Scooper for Grass might require the owner to visually spot the waste before they scoop it up. For this model, you just have to know the estimated area where the dog’s poop is, and you can sweep the rake Pooper Scooper over it. This rake can go over the whole grass, grabbing any left over bits of stool that you may have forgotten. This is simply the Best Pooper Scooper For Grass !

I see kibble dog poop on walks sometimes and it IS disgusting

The scooper set may make the unpleasant, and necessary task of picking up waste a lot easier. It has a large capacity and allows for a quick, multiple waste pickup. The rake and bin works on all surfaces, which may include concrete and grass. It also has a handle that is adjustable to up to 32 inches. The device may make picking up dog poop a less backbreaking chore. It comes with two extra bags which are sturdy and durable. The device has activated baking soda which acts as a natural odor control to prevent dog poop smell. These convenience-enhancing features may make it one of the best pooper scooper for grass.

It's the easiest I've ever used and keeps my grass in good shape