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Comments: Hello, I just recently purchased the wacky walk leashes and the coupler.....I own 2-english bulldogs and there both as strong and they like to pull ya when your trying to walk them, these leashes are the best things ever, I have enjoyed them so much you have better control over your dog's.....I have recommended them to everyone, I come in contact with, I recently took my dogs to the vets office, and I got couple compliments on the leashes and one of the vet techs asked where I got these and I told her she said i love them, she said I am going to get on and look at them for my dog.......I am hoping that my female bulldog will have puppies here in a couple months if it took, and I will recommend your leashes to everyone who will buy a puppy from me.....I just wanted to say your leashes are the best....

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No-pull products can be a great investment if you’re struggling with an over-eager, unwieldy puppy or dog. There are actually several types of no-pull dog products, including harnesses, leashes, and collars. Some are ideal for large dogs, while others work best for puppies and toy breeds.

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best leash for dogs that pull I rescue and work with Alaskan Malamutes which are bred to be pullers. I love to skijor in the winter and bikejor or bike with a Springer attachment. So I use a properly fitted EasyWalk harness for my furkids when walking and a Distance Harness (pull harness which clips on the back) for skijoring or biking. I have trained the pull out of Malamutes in the past and they lost their drive to pull when skijoring. My solution which works well for me is training on leash with the EW harness (click and treat for loose leash) and using the pull harness for pull activities. I have used a Halti on some very leash/dog reactive strong pullers, but also train with click and treat methods for loose leash walking. The Halti is mostly to control the dog if it does go into reactive mode. Many can be counter conditioned, but other fosters are really tough nuts to crack. Our rescue group has been using the EasyWalks for years, but only for walking as the fun pulling activities use the pull harnesses. We've not seen or heard of any physical issues with the EW harnesses and we won't adopt to people who want to use aversive, outdated prong, choke or shock collars. For born pullers that you want to pull in certain circumstances, the EW no-pull harnesses are the best that we've found.

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We're working on loose leash walking. I've been using the Easy Walk harness in situations when I know my dog will pull. I use the flat collar when I can click & treat for position and calm behavior. So she normally wears both and I switch between the two depending on how it is going and how exciting the circumstances of the walk are. I have a small dog that used lunge, jerk, forge, plow and our progress, while it has not been overnight, has been gratifying. FWIW, she hated the head halter, even though I tried to gradually accustom her to it as directed. She's not too crazy about the Easy Walk harness either even though it is fitted to the best of my ability. The article makes sense and I'm going to switch to another front attach harness that won't ride as low or be as restrictive. Thanks!

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