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A collar is, particularly a Martingale, is over all the best thing to use while walking your Dachshund on leash. I too was of the impression for many years that harnesses were best, but have learned otherwise in the last few years since having three of my dogs go down with IVDD. Experts say that harnesses can and do cause serious injury to a Dachshunds spinal cord.

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Choose the harness material that best fits your lifestyle. Nylon harnesses are inexpensive and easy to adjust, and mesh harnesses are suitable for hot weather. Fabric harnesses are easy to clean, while leather harnesses adjust easily and are durable. Pick the harness style that's right for your dog. The strap style should be long enough to give the dog's back enough support. Both the vest and coat styles can be made to fit your dachshund's specifications as well as handle different types of weather.

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Jump to Best Dog Harness For Dachshunds - Dachshunds are known to have short legs and a .. We too understand that not all dog harness fits all types of dogs. Each breed has its own characteristics that not all dog harness can accommodate. We will be breaking down this component into the various breeds. We will find the Best Dog Harness For Chihuahua, Jack Russell, Dachshunds, Bulldogs, Maltese and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

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achshunds, which have been called wiener dogs due to their appearance, now have the nickname of doxies. Because of their long body structure they're susceptible to back problems, specifically intervertebral disk disease (IVD). Improper collar use is also a concern for dachshunds and all dog breeds. For dachshunds especially, harnesses are recommended over collars. With some effort you can determine which harness is best for you and your dachshund to avoid potential medical problems.

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