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Now that you know a little more about your Maltipoo and his unique nutritional requirements, you may be wondering how to choose the best dog food for this breed. Below you will find three reviews for recommended brands of dog food for Maltipoo adults as well as one recommendation for Maltipoo puppies:

Sep 4, 2015 - Expert advice on the best dog food for your Maltese puppy, adult or senior ..

Puppies need a lot of minerals, vitamins and proteins in order to grow into healthy adult dogs. This is why you should pay extra attention to your puppy’s food if you want it to grow into a healthy happy dog. This puppy food is considered to be the best dog food for Maltese puppy because it is especially designed to promote the growth of muscles in small puppies.

Last week I weaned off Buffalo and used the Nutro Small puppy food

Learn what to feed your Maltipoo. How much to feed and when. Best foods for this hybrid dog. Puppy, adult and seniors. Calorie needs. Because Morkies are long-haired they require regular grooming. While it is possible to trim their hair and nails yourself, it is usually best left to a professional groomer. It can be difficult to make a puppy sit still while using scissors and one unexpected movement can cause the puppy to be accidentally cut or gashed. Bathing is done on an as-needed basis and will be largely up to the owner’s discretion. If the puppy’s hair is more like a Yorkie than a Maltese, you might want to bathe him more frequently due to its tendency to develop an oily or greasy appearance. Like other long-haired breeds, Morkies will need the area around their eyes to be cleaned often due to tear staining and build-up. Ideally, Maltese Yorkies should be fed three small meals a day. Once they are weaned from their mother, they should eat a diet of dry puppy food for the first 10-12 months. There are many different brands of puppy food available to choose from, which is good because Morkie’s can picky eaters. You may have to try a few different kinds of food before you find one that the puppy will eat. Generally, you get what you pay for when it comes to dog food, so it’s important to read the label. Look for a kibble that is formulated for a small breed and that has some kind of meat as its main ingredient. It is best to avoid foods that have a grain as the first listed ingredient.

they eat it but, they are not thrilled about it

If so, your dog could be famous! Please tell us all about your favorite Maltese puppy food and we'll put it on our website. Why did you choose this type of food? Did your puppy experience any changes once he starting eating this food? Let other Maltese Maniacs know why this was the best puppy food for your Maltese.

Can you guys suggest best food for 12 week old Maltese pups