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Just a few of the many example include the Endura flap made by Patio Pacific. This is the best thermally sealed doggie door flap made. It is segmented for both strength and flexibility and contains an air gap within the flap itself for superior insulation. The VIP sliding glass patio pet door inserts made by Ideal Pet Products are heavy duty inserts for vinyl sliding glass patio doors featuring dual pane, energy efficient glass and heavy-duty vinyl frames. And of course, for the ultimate in security, extreme weather resistance, reliability and high tech convenience,

The Thermo-Panel 3e is the best all-around patio panel dog door for sliding glass doors featuring the award-winning Endura Flap™

Our selection of extreme hot and cold climate pet doors includes dual flap Ruff Weather doors, made by Ideal Pet Products, double Endura flap pet doors, winner of the Dog Fancy Editor's Choice Award and our totally weatherproof POWER PET, Fully Automatic, Air-Tight pet doors. All choices may be installed in doors, walls or sliding glass patio doors. Dual flap doors work by creating an air lock between the flaps that serves as an excellent insulator against drafts. Additionally, the quality manufacturing of the ideal and especially the Endura flap doors is unsurpassed. For the absolute best insulated door that will save energy and remain air tight even in hurricane force wind, we recommend the Power Pet model because its bulletproof polycarbonate door panel is the only one that is hermetically sealed to achieve zero drafts even in the most severe storms.

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The Endura Flap Dog Doors for Sliding Glass Doors has great insulation, durability, and overall outstanding quality! It's the best sliding glass dog door! The Power Pet door is inherently safe for use with all pets, even around infants and small children. The door panel is lifted by the motor but, returned gently and safely by gravity. And, only Power Pet has our unique Auto Safety Retract (ASR) system. If the panel senses an obstruction while closing it automatically reverses direction and reopens. The Power Pet door uses a solid steel, dead-bolt lock. When closed, the dead-bolt automatically kicks in. The panel can only be raised by engaging the motor to release the lock.The Power Pet door also gives you a complete range of installation choices for doors, walls and sliding glass patio doors. Out of the box it can be installed in a door in an hour or two. High Tech Pet makes a pre-assembled wall tunnel that eliminates the need to frame the opening when installing in walls. So, wall installation doesn't take much longer. Finally, High Tech Pet makes a very high quality, reasonably priced line of patio pet door inserts using heavy duty construction and dual pane e-glass. These units allow installation in a sliding glass patio door in just a few minutes. The Power Pet door is the best made electronic pet door you can buy. No other electric dog door is engineered to provide the features, design, quality of construction, quality of materials, ease of installation and use, safety, security and reliability you will find on your genuine Power Pet door.

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However, there are disadvantages as well. They're relatively hard to install, they're not easily removable, and they come in a very limited range of flap sizes and 'step-over' heights. Based on our customer experience we find some prefer the vinyl specific option, while others have decided on the more general-purpose dog doors for sliding glass doors to get a broader range of feature choices. The best two pet panels recommended specifically for vinyl sliding doors would be:

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