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Stop dreading this job just because it is nearly impossible with the tools you have currently. You do not have to settle for furry stairs, or resorting to labor intensive techniques. When you start out with a more suitable tool in the first place, a difficult job like this can seem way easier and less time consuming. A rubber broom is about the best tool available for cleaning stairs, and it will allow you to completely eliminate dog and cat hair in a matter of minutes. Once you have proven to yourself how useful this broom is for the job outlined above, keep it around and use in other areas to find out how much time it can save elsewhere. It outperforms regular sweeping tools on any surface, is nearly indestructible, doubles as a scrub brush and even has an integrated squeegee on the back side. There is no trick or effect involved in the video above, and anyone can get the same results on their first try. Use one for yourself and you will not be disappointed, but you will have cleaner steps to walk on.


The is a favorite among dog groomers, kennel owners, pet lovers, hair salons and barbers because it produces outstanding results with hair. Regular style push brooms and standard bristle brooms wear easily, and just don’t work very well. You can sweep a pile of hair over and over only to be left with more hair to sweep if you are using one of these. The fur and hair will fly all over, and you are almost guaranteed to have some left on the surface you are cleaning when you finish. All of these annoyances will be a thing of the past once you start sweeping with a Sweepa. You will be amazed at how well it works, and wonder how it is possible to get so excited over a broom. It not only produces superior results on hard floors, it will even work on carpet. The bristles and charge will pull hair out of your carpet even if it has been freshly vacuumed by one of those expensive vacuum cleaners. Short deliberate strokes will remove hair that you didn’t realize existed. Before you know it you will have an extremely clean carpet and a pile of hair that you never knew was there. This makes it ideal for cleaning stairs, and area rugs, but you can also remove the head to use it directly on furniture and upholstery too. It will work equally well on dog hair, cat hair or human hair, and everyone that uses one would agree. This is the best broom for sweeping up any kind of hair.

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Best Broom for Dog Hair The WISP is an innovative new product that makes cleaning up pet hair a breeze I love this broom. Got my first one at a fair several years ago, had to replace when the rubber head cracked and wouldn't stay on the pole, and had a few since. Best broom ever for dog hair too!

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I never write reviews for products but this one deserves a RAVE REVIEW!!! These brooms are amazing. I had one from the County Fair years ago and used it to death. I had forgotten how amazing they are. I have 5 dogs, 5 cats, and chickens that think they should be able to come into the house. These brooms are the best on my wood floors for gathering hair, dirt, and dust on a daily basis. No broom or vac gets it like these brooms. Also amazing for the patio and for pushing water after a rain to speed up drying time outside on the patio and walkways. Can you tell I love this broom???

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