Our dog, Benji, is excited to eat it like no other food

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When emaciated one-year-old Benji was offered a bowl of dog food for the first time, the starving pitbull mix was hesitant to dig in.

Mr. Finch is a model of kindness and generosity, too. His genuine affection for the dogs is an emotional high point. He gets food for Benji and always talks to the young man who delivers his groceries. In one touching scene, Finch puts food out for the dogs and waits to see if they'll come. Because they're trapped in a garbage can, Benji and Lizard Tongue can't make it. But Mr. Finch falls asleep in his chair on the porch waiting for them. He's saddened when he wakes at sunrise to discover that his new friends haven't come a callin' in the night.

Corn gluten meal in dog food is not just a filler as oft mistaken

Here are 4 signs that made me realize how much thought and care I need to be putting into the dog food that I feed Benji. Benji did not have any problems with his appetite or food aggression until after he started daycare. While the history is not completely clear, it appears that having a communal feeding bowl in a group of 20 or so dogs set the dogs up to challenge each other. Unfortunately, canine day care is not regulated in our state, and there are many places that allow reactive play to escalate to aggression. Many are also set up in ways that inadvertently provoke challenge for resources—like using communal food bowls—which can lead to resource guarding.

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Due to the speed and intensity of Benji’s biting, I did not advise attempting any counter-conditioning to the presence of food around other dogs. Any failure, and this dog could cause severe injury to another dog.

Oct 31, 2016 - Your dog deserves more than just a tasty snack

Our Neighbors happen to be the parents of my fur baby's best friend in the world, Benji. They invited us over for dessert one night last week and we brought a tray of Bella Dog food for Benji and the buy two get two free coupons for Benji's Dads. They both said they cant wait for him to try some!Benji developed allergies later in life, and it caused red/itchy skin, particularly under his armpits. His vet recommended we could try a prescription hypoallergenic dog food, but the thought of spending $35 for a weeks worth of food for the rest of his life is kinda daunting. Shoot, that’s probably more than I spend at the grocery store for a weeks worth of food. And you have to use it for 8 straight weeks to see if it’s effective, and in that time period Benji cannot have other treats, food scraps, etc.