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It’s finally gardening weather! And whether or not you have a yard with space to plant in, a porch with room for a small herb garden box, or just a windowsill, you can still grow these easy, dog friendly herbs! They all have different benefits and ways they can improve and aid your dog’s health, and many people feel that a weekly or daily sprinkling of different herbs in your dog’s food can be quite beneficial, as dogs are omnivores and in the wild often eat plants.

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According to the experts we interviewed, there’s no indication that specific breeds need specific diets. What you feed your dog is dependent on his or her size and activity level. Foods formulated specially for small dogs, for example, are beneficial because the smaller pieces of kibble are easier for them to eat and digest.

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Feb 18, 2012 - Foods Dogs, Cats Should Not Eat, Dangerous, Toxic, Lethal and Foods That are Beneficial Whole Dog Journal’s Approved list is based on assessments of dry dog food ingredients along with the “Guaranteed Analysis” anyone can find on food labels. Dog owners are encouraged to develop an understanding of which ingredients are beneficial and which aren’t—and to routinely look at labels before buying.

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Here is my personal "short list" of beneficial food items you can add to your dog's diet to provide natural sources of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

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One reason to serve dried food over canned is because it can be easier to feed and ration. Dogs who bolt through their food may slow down slightly with kibble. Dry food can be purchased in larger bag sizes too, which can be more convenient for some pet parents. And if your dog is a grazer, dry food is a better fit as wet food will spoil within four hours after being served if left out. Kibble is easy to use in food puzzle toys to enrich your dog's life and satisfy him without overfeeding. If you do decide to feed kibble and wet dog food to your dog, look for high-quality foods such as Hill's Science Diet or , whose dry kibble provides a high concentration of the most beneficial nutrients in each serving.My dog became terribly ill from beneful food and has never returned to his normal self. After researching, I found beneful food is killing dogs and causing kidney and liver failure and seizures. I posted to their facebook but they immediately removed my post with no comment. In reading other posts, this type of thing has been going on for years. The FDA recal web page interestingly has multiple kinds of food listed but Purina and Beneful are oddly no where to be found on that list. All of this appears to show Purina turning a blind eye for the sake of profit, and perhaps the FDA is beneficiary of Purina support to also follow suit. Too many deaths to ignore and yet both companies are. Look at the posts over the years…always the same things. How many years does this have to continue before someone does something? this article tells about the food, gives links to consumer affairs, shows the FDA recall page and who to contact.