SideKick Hands Free Dog Leash (with belt)

The Buddy Multi-Activity Dog Leash Connector provides you a more comfortable and effective way for both you and your dog to be able to enjoy outdoor activities together such as hiking, biking, jogging and walking. The Buddy, with its simple, looped design, can easily be looped onto your bicycle frame, backpack, belt loops or even stroller, while the other end is clipped to the dog’s leash. This frees up your hands and allows for enjoyment of other activities.

Premium Hands Free Leash, Belt and Lead Set (Custom Sizing). Great unless you have runaway dogs!

You could also use a long leather belt as a leash. If you have an old, spare belt that's just batting around or an old belt from the costume pile, pull it out and make it into the leash you need. With this method, you should make sure that you fasten the belt using the holes in the belt; attaching it any other way could harm the dog. Push the end under the collar and then through the buckle.

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Form first, dog-friendly runners! - Hands Free Leash and Running Belt | In The Company Of Dogs I have three dogs that I like to walk at one time. It can be a challenge with so many leashes. My dogs are well behaved and do not pull but I like the comforting thought that I can grab one of my dogs or a neighborhood dog with my hands now free. The belt is great quality and very comfortable.

Squishy Face Studio hands-free dog leash belt - Fit for a Pit

HARRIETT, a 4-year-old, 55-pound Australian shepherd, jumped on her dog bed and bit down on what looked like a seat belt with a leash attached. She played with it as she watched Joseph Perrulli lace up his sneakers for a run, ready to dash outside with him the second he stood up.

We love, love, love the Squishy Face Studio hands-free dog leash belt

Which One is Best?
This, of course, is really up to you, but in my professional dog-walking opinion (with my dogs, not yours), I would suggest a belted leash for all occasions. The only time I might suggest a corded leash is if you have a small dog where it’s weight won’t be an issue if it starts running around the neighbors legs or an older dog that, well, doesn’t really run around at all. But I have to say, whichever one you go with, get a quality leash. Remember, you get what you pay for and if you get a cheap Walmart special, expect it to have issues sooner than later. This is your dog and, to some, a family member. You’ll spend a LOT of money on a proper carseat for you child, why not spend a little extra on a safety device for your pet?Ruffwear is one of the best manufacturers of dog supplies out there. Their best dog leash comes with a proprietary Ruffwear-designed Tubelok webbing for enhanced reliability. You can now have an adjustable worry-free clasp cushioned handle that can be hand held, waist worn, hooked on a backpack or belt loop, or safely attached to a rail, fence or tree. Or you can enjoy a secure one-handed attachment with its strong aluminum Talon Clip that can withstand impulsive dog sprints.