First Belly-bands are for use with Male dogs and have several uses.

Most people want their dogs, especially small dogs, to be indoor house pets. This means potty training the pup, and that can be a very difficult, and sometimes long process. To help keep your home clean and sanitary, and keep your relationship with your pooch from becoming strained and frustrating, you should consider puppy panties or male dog belly bands to ease the process. Poochie Heaven has a wide selection or dog panties and belly bands that are sure to accommodate your dog and look great!

It's snowy here. Need a belly band for your male dog who marks his territory?

If your dog is incontinent training won't help. Pet diapers are becoming more readily available but they are expensive. Typically a male dog does not need a full diaper. A belly band that can absorb urine is usually sufficient. The more traditional belly band is used so that a male dog will choose not to mark or urinate in the house. An incontinent dog, however, needs a bit more.


belly bands for male dogs, dog diapers - saves your carpet & furniture from leg lifters! I just posted a free sewing pattern to make a Belly Band for your male dog that likes to sprinkle in your home!!! ;) I have it under my free stuff section on my page!!! Please post on my Facebook p...

Belly bands for male dogs that have elastic. Nice design.

Whether your male dog or puppy marks in the house – or has problems with incontinence, our male dog belly bands are the answer. They really are a must for the in-house male dog.

Our canine belly bands offer a tried and true method for house training your male puppy, as well as preventing accidents where dog incontinence is a problem.

What are some of the reasons male dogs need a belly band?

With the male dog diaper instead of the urine wetting the dog it soaks into the diaper and is taken away from the skin and coat of the dog. It was the exact opposite of what I was expecting. Before I tried this solution I tried all those actually designed for dogs. The primary problem I ran into was that the solutions designed for dogs were either ineffective (they slipped, were difficult to fasten, were not designed to contain urine, etc) or were just too expensive. Eventually I figured out how to cut the waist band off a child diaper and create a belly band. This turned out to be very effective, generally kept the dog dry, the house free of urine and much more affordable. Belly bands for male dogs are equivalent of female doggy diapers. Belly bands can be useful in many situations on a male dog. It makes housetraining easier for younger dogs if you are away from home many hours a day. Adult and senior dogs may become incontinent in their old age and have accidents. Bellybands will prevent dogs from urine marking in the house. Male bellybands prevent messes and smells and only take minutes to make.