Top 5 Best Dog Doorbells and Housetraining Bells for Dogs in 2017

I really like doggie doorbells because they are fairly unobtrusive, unlike when dogs bark or scratch the door to go out. When they are older and well housetrained, I also like the dog to ring a bell to come in at times when you don’t go out with the dog. However, ALWAYS go outside with a puppy. You need to be there to direct him to the appropriate area, to reward him handsomely for doing the right thing, in the right place and at the right time, (i.e., quickly,) and then clean up the feces. Additionally, if you don’t go out with your puppy, you have no idea whether he actually eliminated or not. Big problem.

That's what our Kennel Bells will do for you and your dog. Same exact bells used in our Puppy Training Fast Track System.

Dog bells for potty training can be made at home using simple craft store supplies, or even an old jingle bell from your holiday decorations. You can also purchase a specially-made dog potty training bell like the or .

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The Grommet team discovers the dog doorbell from Poochie Bells for dog house training Our Sievers Pet Care Potty Time Chimes® is the perfect potty training solution! Ring it on the inside…to be let outside. This easy-to-use potty training solution comes with an informational DVD with step by step instructions. These potty training chimes are also adjustable to fit the height of your dog. This potty training solution works for small breed puppies up to large breed adult dogs! Simply hang the Potty Time Chimes® on your doorknob. Every time you take your puppy outside to go potty, swipe your puppy's paw or nose across the bells and say "potty". Praise your furry friend for going outside. Your puppy will then associate ringing bells with needing to go outside to go potty. Housebreaking made easy!

Bell Training for Dogs: It Really Works

Penny is almost 5 months old now and is finally potty trained, but it was a real challenge before we purchased the bells. She is not a vocal dog (she hardly ever even whines) so it was so hard f (...)

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If you are potty training your puppy you may find it very useful if he can let you know when he wants to go outside to potty. This training technique is very simple to teach as all he needs to do is ring a bell. Begin by hanging a bell or bells over the door handle of the door your dog goes outside by. Below are a few ideas of different bells you can use. This training is not just for puppies. Older dogs can learn too. You can successfully train an older dog to ring the bell. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I taught my 5 year old rescue dog in a matter of days. Every time you take your dog or puppy outside to go to the bathroom physically get him to nudge the bell with his nose or paw. To begin training make sure he is in a calm state and preferably in the sit position. You can gently take his paw and make him touch the bell or gently position him to nudge the bell with his nose. I say 'gently' because we don't want any fear associated with this procedure. As soon as the bell rings say the words 'Go Potty' or whatever words you choose. Praise him lavishly or give him a small food reward and then go outside immediately. DO NOT let him ring the bell if you are going out for a walk or a game in the yard. This would be a recipe for disaster. You don't want him ringing the bell every time he wants to go out to have fun.Ok, I know this sounds silly. What is a Potty Bell, you ask? Well, Potty Bells are used for Potty Training dogs. { for example} Yes, your four legged furry babies. This is a new concept for me – we didn’t use one on our older dog – truly I don’t think they were around then. Our oldest is turning 11 years old in a few weeks. Our new fur baby is 11 weeks old. Good times!