Eventually, Ace found a closer relationship with the Batcave's resident electronics whiz, . The mute young man delighted in creating toys for the dog like a mechcanical mouse. Ace, in turn, displayed intense loyalty to Harold, following him deep into the caverns beneath Wayne Manor, providing a sense of security as the genius went exploring in the darkness. The displacement of Bruce Wayne by in 1993 changed the entire atmosphere in the Batcave and a disgruntled Ace took up permanent residence in Harold's quarters. By the time Nightwing and Robin set-up a war-room in the cave, Ace the Bat-Hound had made his last major appearance. Ace's place in Wayne Manor has been taken by Alfred's cat, Midnight, a black and white feline glimpsed only a handful of times.

just see dog with batman costume fight the bad guy, and dog playing skateboarding

Like the rest of the entire world, I went and saw The Dark Knight this weekend, and also like the rest of the entire world, I was impressed with this darker take on the Batman mythos. I’m all for having Heath Ledger win the Oscar, and my superhero-comic-loving-nerd-patrol side could gush for hours about the intensity of this movie. But my animal-protector soul had a serious problem with a few scenes. Batman beats dogs—who knew?? P’shaw! And to think we gave him a spot on our coveted !

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Ace the Bathound is an all-around perfect name for a super sidekick dog of any shape or size. He was hit by a car and left to languish and die in the streets of Taiwan. Despite the mangled condition of his hind legs, he managed to drag himself across multiple lanes of traffic to hide in an alley. He was rescued and then dumped by a shady shelter. That’s when his second rescuer, Yenchi, encountered the dog, and she was horrified by what she found. Batman’s terrible injuries had yet to be seen to: He was bleeding from his mouth from a split tongue, and his entire rear half was bursting with infection.

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He’s the first dog we’ve had that didn’t settle down and sleep for the flight. So Connie decided to sit on the floor for a while and see if Batman would settle down. In the meantime Connie and Pam would rotate the puppies while they slept. Towards the end of the flight Batman finally laid down slept for a few minutes.

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For even the furriest crime fighter on the block, this Batman dog collar is a functional accessory for your pampered pooch. It is custom handmade from nylon webbing and features the batman insignia alShe that Batman, the puppy she adopted after she , officially had his own Instagram account. Though , each are really cute, and feature Batman flopping all over the place as only puppies can. Also of note? The fact that while some dogs play fetch, Batman plays camouflage, choosing to snuggle up to a furry pillow that matches his coat.