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Boh & Finn are 2 ball-crazy dogs that are getting their summer fetch on with their new GoDogGo Fetch Machine I Automatic Ball Thrower for Dogs. Their human said, "They love their new machine!! They used it for hours today!! We have three very tired dogs this evening. Thanks for the hours of fun!" - Paige

GoDogGo is the World's Original Fetch Machine & Award Winning Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs Since 1999.

Dog Automatic Ball Launcher I Tennis Ball Thrower for Dogs - GoDogGo Fetch Machine

What makes a really happy? The dogs I know are happiest when someone throws them a ball or a frisbee. Jerry, the dog in this, is happy because he has his own ball-throwing machine. Yup, no more waiting for a human to throw the ball. Jerry just set the ball in the launcher and he has hours of endless fun. Look how happy this dog is. Do you wish you had a ball-throwing machine for your dog?

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Dog Automatic Ball Launcher I Tennis Ball Thrower for Dogs - GoDogGo Fetch Machine Welcome to the wonderful world of automatic ball throwers for dogs! If you’re a pet owner, you are probably familiar with these products. They’re battery- or AC-operated machines which shoot balls across the yard or the house (generally 10-30 feet) so that your dog can chase and fetch them.

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Which is the best automatic ball thrower for dogs? The , , and Go Dog Go are the primary dog ball launchers on the market today. They are sturdy, well-built machines that have been proven to work with dogs of all types. A number of companies make smaller hand launchers as well. These aren’t electronic or automated, so you’ll have to use your own hand power to make them work.

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Go Dog Go Fetch Machine automatic ball launcher and tennis ball thrower for dogs was invented out of necessity for our fetch & ball crazy Chocolate Labrador Retriever. Hershey's obsession demands for constant fetching and a tennis ball play demanded continuous & intense human interaction.As the Thompson family was building their home in 1999, they found it difficult to keep their ball obsessed Lab Hershey entertained. Hershey demanded that something be constantly thrown while she stood in front of a moving excavator. Every rock became a game of fetch & a nuisance to her owners! After relentless hours chasing Hershey from the front of the excavator, Ron acted upon a flip remark about inventing a machine to take care of that dog! He searched for a product & hoped to find an automatic ball launcher that was dog friendly and safe for dogs. Ron found non-automatic ball launchers and manual ball thrower toys, but nothing that allowed a dog to interact with a machine for continuous, independent play. Being a product designer, Ron set out to invent a ball launching fetch machine designed specifically for dogs. And so the idea of GoDogGo® Remote Fetch Machine was born & Hershey no longer risks her life in front of heavy machinery - - necessity is indeed the mother of invention!