I’ve never tried a bagel dog! But this dough looks amazing!

Jocelyn Senn began removing signs she had pasted on the front of her business to advertise her escaped dog. She ended the search for Bagel the beagle after consulting with a pet psychic and deciding he was probably hit by a car.

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Anyone have any idea where a person could buy bagel dogs in bulk, preferably on the Peninsula?

Costco and Smart & Final used to carry them, but don't seem to anymore, at least the ones around these parts...

Jim: I'm totally gonna bagel dog her

Can the bagel dogs be made ahead & frozen? Would you freeze before or after cooking? Love these!! These bagel dogs are beautiful and scrumptious-looking!!! I should make these one day. I completely agree with you about the quality of hot dogs with this type of culinary project! haha.

"Get your hands off my bagel dog!"

Ummm…I’d eat a few of those (dipped in dijon mustard, maybe).There is a national chain bagel store where I work, and their bagel dogs do not have the beauty or flavor these possess. I wish I had access to these for mid-afternoon pick-me-up…

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Try our new Dr. Stein’s Bagel Dog. It’s a top quality all beef hot dog wrapped inside a New York Style bagel. Dr. Stein’s Bagel Dogs are ready to eat – they make a great meal or perfect for snacks. Ready in less than one minute!Fast forward to late 2004. By then we’d moved to Boulder, Colorado. And wouldn’t you know it? A local bagel shop offered bagel dogs. A hot dog, wrapped in bagel-like dough, cooked to golden brown. Divine. For my money, I’ll take a bagel dog—campfire cooked or not—over a plain white hot dog bun any day.Slightly more eccentric than some other dogs on this list, the bagel dog is perfect when you want something really different. The traditional form of the bagel dog is simple and elegant: everything bagel dough wrapped around a beef dog and served with a side of mustard. However, if you're not in the mood to go through the process of making bagel dough beforehand, I'd suggest taking a page of NYC hot dog vendor book: a beef frank on a classic bun with cream cheese, scallions, and everything bagel seeds. It's a great way to dress a hot dog and try something a little different, especially when summer begins to wind down and everyone beginning to grow tired of the usual fixings. All of that said, when we made these bagel dogs for our tree trimming party they totally hit the spot. The girls loved them. Kelli loved them. And I especially loved them. And the best part is, they’re super simple to make. Choose your favorite hot dog. Add a basic pizza dough recipe. Form the bagel dogs and bake them. Bada bing, bada boom. Done.