The High Tech Power Pet Automatic Pet Door is fully automated and ..

This electronic pet door is safe for pets and children because it won’t close when obstructed. It has waterproof collar key which opens and closes the door automatically for your pet only. No batteries are required for the key. The composite panel slides up and down like a mini electronic garage door and acts as a security door when inactive. This door system does not interfere with underground fence or home security systems and is suitable for dogs up to 125 pounds and all cats. It comes with a five year limited residential warranty.

Autoslide Deluxe Automatic Opening Patio Pet Dog Door System In Black Or White

A: Any of the motorized doggie doors would be good in this situation, including the Plexidor Electronic Dog Door or the High Tech Automated Power Pet Door. These actually have flaps that slide up and allow your pet to go through without having to manually push open a flap.

Only the coded signal from your pet's collar will open the door

An automatic door, on the other hand, can be dog specific, as the door opening is activated by a control on the animal's collar The Power Pet door is inherently safe for use with all pets, even around infants and small children. The door panel is lifted by the motor but, returned gently and safely by gravity. And, only Power Pet has our unique Auto Safety Retract (ASR) system. If the panel senses an obstruction while closing it automatically reverses direction and reopens. The Power Pet door uses a solid steel, dead-bolt lock. When closed, the dead-bolt automatically kicks in. The panel can only be raised by engaging the motor to release the lock.The Power Pet door also gives you a complete range of installation choices for doors, walls and sliding glass patio doors. Out of the box it can be installed in a door in an hour or two. High Tech Pet makes a pre-assembled wall tunnel that eliminates the need to frame the opening when installing in walls. So, wall installation doesn't take much longer. Finally, High Tech Pet makes a very high quality, reasonably priced line of patio pet door inserts using heavy duty construction and dual pane e-glass. These units allow installation in a sliding glass patio door in just a few minutes. The Power Pet door is the best made electronic pet door you can buy. No other electric dog door is engineered to provide the features, design, quality of construction, quality of materials, ease of installation and use, safety, security and reliability you will find on your genuine Power Pet door.

Pet Door Opening Width (in.) x Height (in.) 12 x 16

The basic, manual, dog door is mounted in a door or wall, and has a flap for dog entry and exit. This type of door is the most affordable; however, the owner cannot control when the dog can come and go. There is also no regulation over which pets can use the door. For example, if a cat or another dog is not allowed outside unsupervised, this type of door does nothing to prevent their access.

An automatic door, on the other hand, can be dog specific, as the door opening is activated by a control on the animal’s collar. With electronic doors, the contains a computer chip, ultrasound transmitter, or special magnet that signals the door to unlock. An added advantage is the automatic door’s ability to keep unwanted pests, and even intruders, from gaining access.

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