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As a conscientious dog owner, you know it’s critical to provide plenty of fresh water at all times. Nelson Manufacturing makes it easy for you to take care of your animals with our automatic dog waterer. If you’ve ever noticed an empty bowl, contaminated water, or frozen water, our waterer is an ideal choice for you and your canines.

The Nelson Model 1200 Automatic Dog Waterer and Model 1400 Dog Feeding Pan system.

The Pet Lodge Ever Full Dog Waterer stays full! Simply attach the 3/4 in. hose (included) to your garden hose, turn on the tap, and the bowl fills to the perfect drinking level. The automatic float controls the water level so there is no spilling or overflows. The bowl is automatically replenished every time your dog drinks, so the water always stays fresh. Made of chew-proof, rust-resistant galvanized steel for years of service.

Automatic Dog Waterers. - Gun Dog Supply

Pet Fountain Feeder Automatic Watering Feeding Dog Cat Animal Deluxe Fresh Flow #Petmate If you're on a budget and your dog isn't a chewer, then a plastic waterer may meet your needs. If you've got a chewer, then we don't recommend plastic automatic waterers because your dog will destroy them.

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Our least expensive automatic waterer option is the which is just the right size for home use. It connects to any standard garden hose and provides consistent fresh water for your dog or cat. It's also made from polypropylene, is easy to clean, and is sun resistant.

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Automatic waterers are a great way to provide your dog with a constant supply of fresh, clean and cool water. The majority of what we classify as automatic waterers are designed so you can screw them onto a hose or connect them directly to a water pipe. Buckets and bowls don't offer this convenience.Conceptually, automatic dog waterers are just little commodes. As the water valve begins to float in the waterer, it slowly halts the flow of water into the reservoir. It is the exact same technology that fills your commode when you flush.It can be tempting to stop checking your dog's water daily when you install an automatic waterer. If your waterer were to stop functioning properly, your dog could be at risk of dehydration. Therefore, at the very least, these products should be checked daily for proper function. Always remember that your dog is at your mercy when it comes to having water available.A bowl-style automatic waterer is self-explanatory to your dog. You put the bowl out there and if your dog is used to drinking out of a bowl, they will use it. Alternatively, a Lixit actually takes a bit of training. The easiest way is to take some peanut butter and put it on the end of the water release lever. Since most dogs love peanut butter, your dog will start to lick it and the water will run out.