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We know that excess of anything is bad, that is why never give your dog too much of the fruit. Bananas are difficult to be digested by the dogs and they can lead to severe constipation. High potassium content can lead to hyperglycemia, causing heart issues in your dog. Hence, before feeding bananas or any other food always consult your vet. Many dogs are allergic to bananas so try giving your dog only a small piece of banana at first. If your dog shows any allergic symptoms then do not feed bananas to him.

are dogs allergic to bananas?

Bananas are a truly excellent treat for dogs, but bear in mind, treat is the operative word. You want to limit the amount of bananas you feed your dog. Give them to him no more than twice a week to ensure that he does not suffer constipation. If you notice that there are any questionable signs of an allergic reaction, head to the vet right away and avoid giving your dog bananas completely.

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First and most importantly, some dogs are allergic to bananas. It's pretty rare, but it does happen. To limit risk, be cautious the first time your dog gets banana.
In some dogs, figs can cause an n. Otherwise, giving your dog a fig won’t do much harm. However, more than one or two figs a week could cause diarrhea, so even if your dog isn’t allergic, you want to limit consumption. As figs aren’t exactly cheap, you’re probably better off with a more affordable fruit treat — like bananas.

Can Dogs Eat Bananas? Are Bananas Good Or Bad For Dogs?

We know that the fruit is very good for our health, but did you know that fruit is also good for your dog? Are Bananas Good For Dogs? Not only the dog will be happy because he gets "human food,” but you will also like the benefits obtained by your dog, which helps with digestion, antioxidants, enhance immunity, better vision, skin and coat healthy. Should consult a veterinarian about the fruit that you give (to avoid if the dog has allergies or health problems should not eat certain fruits). In general, dogs eat meat and poultry. However, often there are owners who whim to give other foods to the dog he loves. One of them fruit. However, even bananas good for dogs beware of the impact of fruit on the health of the dog. Maybe you are fond of avocados, but not with your dog. This fruit contains a toxin that could make him vomit if you eat too much meat or skin.

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“From practical experience, some dogs love bananas and some hate bananas,” says Cathy Alinovi, DVM. “As long as bananas are just a snack, not the whole meal, and the dog isn't allergic to the banana, then there's no reason not to feed them.”Just like any new additions to the diet of the dog, take a moment as well as speak with your vet regarding the nutritional needs of your dog. If you add bananas as a treat for the dogs, vets recommend watching for weight changes, allergies, and other possible signs of the sensitive gastrointestinal system. Based on some experiences of dog experts, they concluded that there are dogs that hate bananas and there are ones that love this fruit. As long as the bananas are a snack and not a whole meal, and your dog is not allergic to bananas, there is no reason why you should not feed them with this fruit.