Jun 3, 2013 - Truth: Bully sticks ARE a by-product

In this post, I will be providing readers with a review of the best bully sticks for dogs. I talk about what bully sticks are made of and whether they are safe for dogs. Then we will look at the the types of bully sticks for dogs and puppies. Last but not least, their will be an overview of the top brands and bully stick products.

Bully sticks aren’t just a safe treat for dogs, but offer a variety of health benefits, and give your dog something to chew.

Bully Sticks are completely safe and a healthy alternative to other out there. Unlike manufactured dog chews, our are single ingredient and fully digestible. Rawhide for dogs is still the number one selling dog chew in the US, and we hope to change this because of its poor safety record. Rawhide is extremely difficult to digest by dogs and often becomes lodged in dogs' intestines when trying to pass it. This is why unlike many other vendors either online or offline, we won’t carry it….not even one piece. If you are a new customer, be assured that we test each and every product that we sell and each and every product undergoes a thorough new-product testing panel. We are here to operate a successful family business, but your pet’s safety is of paramount concern to us. Simply put, if we wouldn’t give or use a product with our dogs, we will NEVER present it to you.

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have fielded many questions about bully sticks: Are bully sticks safe for dogs For the uninitiated, bully sticks are also known as “bull pizzles.” Pizzles is an old term for penis, which fully explains what it is made of – it is a dried penis of a bull. Unfortunately for many pet owners and dogs, their queasiness over a bull pizzle leads them to choose rawhide dog chews under the misguided idea that it is safer for dogs.

If you've given your dog bully sticks, have you found them safe?

The truth is that bully sticks are safe for dogs, even when compared to other specific chews. For starters, some chews are manufactured using all sorts of ingredients that you aren’t really 100% sure what goes into them. Bully sticks, on the other hand, are only made from a single ingredient that is fully digestible. The current most commonly used chew, rawhide, is difficult to digest and may result in stomach upsets for your animal.

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