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Ants need food for fuel just like humans, and require a diet of proteins, carbs and lipids in varying quantities. They're kind of like mammals in that way. Take your pets, for instance: Your dog requires about 30 percent protein in his diet, but your cat requires around 90 percent protein to stay healthy. are after that sugar rush, where big-headed ants go for protein and fats if they're available.

Dear Gary: All of a sudden ants have come in and are after my dog’s food bowl.

There are food dishes for dogs specifically made to keep out crawling insects ( for people who feed their pets outside) that have a bowl-within-a-bowl kind of design. The idea is you fill up the "outer ring" of the bowl with water, then the food is in an inner circle in the bowl, so that the food is surrounded by a type of moat, for lack of a better description. The ants can climb up the side but can't get past the moat to the food. You can get these at most any pet store, I think. I have seen them around quite a few times.

Keep Ants out of your dog's food bowl

For the first time in 3 years, fire ants have gotten into my truck and invaded my dry cat and dog food!!! Imagine my surprise! Place each of your dog’s dishes — the food dish and the water dish — in a separate shallow pan of water. That way you will have moats of water around each of them. That should keep the ants from getting into the dog’s food and water.

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I need to find a way to put his food bowl on the floor without the ants getting it. I tried sprinkling pepper/garlic mix around the bowl, but that didn’t stop them. My dog is used to having his bowl out all day and eats at different times.

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Ants are no fun. They seem to invade every crevice in the inside and outside of our homes, and they are really hard to get rid of. I have had a bad time with them in my garden this year too. The other day I found them in our dog's food dish. It was swarming with ants!I cleaned out the dish and replaced the food and water and soon the ants were back. One evening my husband was watching television and he saw a home remedy for deterring ants. Chalk! He said to draw a circle of chalk around the perimeter of the dog dish.I wasn't expecting to see all those ants in our dog's food dish. The dog's dish was on our patio, next to the house. I could see that the ants were coming from under our home (thank goodness we haven't found any IN our home).I'm in a quandry. The dog has to have his food and water, but I don't know how to get rid of these ants. I don't want to move the bowls into another room for fear that the ants will just follow.