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? This is eighth of the best dog chews because it isn’t as large as its fellow Elk Rack antler chew a few spots higher on this list. It also was reported by a few customers as not lasting very long against dogs that are aggressive chewers. wore down quickly under the jaws of very enthusiastic chewers, and although it was weighty, it still didn’t last as long a time as some customers would have liked. For those with dogs that aren’t aggressive gnawers, they were satisfied with the cleanliness of the chew and the overall quality.

Pros: Happy customers report that these antler chews for dogs are mess-free and last a long time.

Unfortunately rawhide is not digestible. I have firsthand knowledge of the effects of rawhide on a dog’s body. I have had Labrador Retrievers my whole life. About eight years ago my dog stopped going potty, became lethargic, and seemed to be in pain. We brought him to the vet right away. The rawhide he had been chewing on had wrapped itself around his small intestines. It was quite an expensive surgery, but he was just fine after. Needless to say we never gave him rawhide again.
Raw Bones
I am a huge advocate of raw bones. They keep your pets busy and are very good for their oral care. There are two important factors to keep in mind when feeding raw bones. Size and chewing ability are key factors. I would never give a #70 Labrador a 4” raw bone. I always say pick the size chew you think is correct and then grab one size bigger.
Plastic & Fabric Toys
There are a wide variety of pet toys on the market. They greatly range in price. These toys are usually meant to be torn apart by your pet and discarded. They are not made to last very long. Many pets love to chew on these. They generally eat the stuffing, or pieces that fall off. I do not waste my money on these plastic or stuffed toys. I choose to purchase long lasting bones that are great for their oral care as well.
Antler Chews
I am a huge advocate for antler chews. They are long lasting; the correct size can keep your pet busy for weeks on end, and (when purchased from a reputable company) is one of the safest pet chews on the market. With Antler Chews the only thing to be careful of is the company you purchase from. I choose Wapiti Labs Elk Antlers because they are; guaranteed grade A+, washed with well water only (no harsh chemicals), they come from their own elk ranch in MN, and they are tested for Chronic Wasting Disease and Tuberculosis. I do not trust wild shed antler because you do not know where they came from and there is no way to test the wild elk for diseases. Wild shed antler are also much more likely to splinter.

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Betsy’s Bones Antler Dog Chews are safe for dogs. See our post about  if you want to learn more. While many dogs use these chews without problems, if you do give your pups these products, it's important to monitor your dogs' teeth and take them to the veterinarian for their annual checkups. Most pets with tooth fractures don't show any signs of pain, so we have to pay close attention to how our pups use these chews. The American Animal Hospital Association has a .

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As such, we sell thousands of pounds of antler chews for dogs every year. Some small amount goes to crafts and decoration, but by far the largest quantity at ElkUSA goes for antler dog chew toys. At our store here in Colorado, every Spring we find our own or buy thousands of pounds of prospective antler chews from antler pickers, and from antler bundlers who scour the mountains and valleys to capture this delightfully renewable resource. Biological surveys suggest that only about 10% to 12% of the available antler “crop” is “harvested every year by these pickers. Are you ready to find your own? Be prepared to hike a lot. The easy picks are grabbed up by the early pickers on ATVs and 4x4's hunting shed along the roads and easy trails as soon as the snow melts.

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