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has been a trusted brand name for many years. They are known for their high standards of quality, comfort, and safety for all pets.This crate is no exception. It is lightweight, but very sturdy. It is really easy to put together, and it is very well ventilated.Many dogs that come from shelters have bad cases of separation anxiety. If you leave them at home alone, you will no doubt come home to a disaster.If you are almost always at home, you may want to look at the . It works very much like a sling baby carrier. Of course, you have to use it for (up to 12 pounds), but your pet will feel more secure, knowing that you are right there.If your dog (or puppy) is unfortunate enough to suffer with this type of anxiety, the best thing that you can do is to crate them when you’re not there. This way he (or she) won’t be able to run around the house and destroy everything, and you will be able to have the peace of mind that they won’t be harmed when you get home.This crate is also very good for house training puppies (or dogs). It has an interior moat that will keep them dry overnight, or while you’re gone. to Buy the Petmate Vari-Kennel Plastic Dog Crate at the Best Price on Amazon!

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The end result states that the dummy dog, the crate, the seatback and the human dummy all survived the crash tests. The dummy dog stayed inside the Variocage, both doors were closed and still functional, and no sharp edges were found. In the frontal test, one of the two retaining straps (front) that anchor the crate broke free. All measured values were found to be well below the maximums allowed by the ECE basis for acceleration of occupants and penetration and damage to the seatback.

Travel Dog Crate, which costs about $130 depending on size.

Made by Amazon’s top brand for soft dog crates category,  is definitely worth checking out if you want the best travel crate for your pooch. Checking the Petco, Petsmart and Amazon websites brought up many crates, mostly metal wire or plastic and with few distinguishing features. Prior to filtering, Amazon lists 613 "dog crates and kennels" using keywords "travel crate". Walmart had 165, Petco about 80 and Petsmart fewest at around 30.

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Shopping for new pet items can be overwhelming. So many crates look the same yet can range in price, some may not be sturdy enough for your dog, and some may be missing things you want like a cover or the ability to be easily transported for trips. We’ve done some hunting around and have found crates that have received the highest reviews on Amazon and are the best selling on their site.

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dog crate fan...Pet Accessories - This would be amazing for summer time and keeping your dog cool. Also, it would be very traveling in the car! Want!Unfortunately, this will always remain an issue to a greater or lesser extent. A good or even the best soft sided dog crate is made from a fabric guys, not metal plates, and you must take this into consideration before making the purchase. Normally, some type of dog crate training is required to prevent such damage. With that being said, here's when soft sided dog crate (or doghouse, kennel, dog home, carrier – whatever we choose to call them) should be considered by dog owners.