16 Amazing Costumes From New York City's Halloween Dog Parade

Instead of the Pope, go for the Pup. This amazing funny dog costume will look extremely cute on any small dog, and yet I wouldn’t be surprised if someone would randomly fall on their knees on the street and start worshipping the Pup.

15 Amazing Dog Costumes. DIY pet costumes. Hillarious Halloween dog costumes.

This amazing holiday dog costume will be a great addition to the Christmas Eve, that will make even the Grinch feel the Christmas spirit. What can be better than a dog in an elf costume?

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15 Amazing Dog Costumes. DIY pet costumes. Hillarious Halloween dog costumes. With this costume, you can dress up as the and your dogs get to sport these amazing Thing One and Thing Two shirts. If you only have one dog, and have your dog wear the Thing Two tee. There are lots of amazing and entertaining options.

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It’s almost Halloween and we’ve already presented you some really cool costumes for yourselves, but what about your dog? You are not going to leave your best friend at home while you’re out having fun, are you? Of course not, that’s why you need to get your dog suited up with the coolest costume which will surprise everyone out there and make your dog look cool, maybe you can even get similar costumes for yourself and your dog as well! We thought about this so we have made a nice collection of 20 absolutely amazing dog Halloween costumes which you can buy online by clicking on the links below the images.

This is an amazing costume for a dog!

Your dog will be the life of any Halloween party in this pinata costume. It’s available in a range of sizes, so all small and medium breed dogs will be able to find a size that fits nicely. The bright bold fringe layers are true to any pinata design. If you want to run with the Mexican theme, there are so many amazing options. You can dress up to match your pup with , , or just grab , , and .The coolest dog costumes are often the ones that bring a pinch of controversy and juxtaposition into the mix. For example, dressing your tiny chihuahua as a crazy serial killer from Elm street. This truly is an amazing Halloween costume for dogs. A dog dressed as food? Amazing. A dog dressed as a hotdog? Better. A Dachshund dressed as a hotdog? Best. If you own a Dachshund, you must dress your dog as a hotdog, you have no option. If you own any other breed, this costume is still a solid choice and we highly encourage it. If mustard isn’t your thing, we’re sorry you never learned the appropriate way to eat a hotdog, but you can . If you’re looking for a matching costume for yourself, , or .If you are looking for large dog costumes, then your big buddy would look amazingly cute and yet very competent in this scuba gear. You could even take him or her dressed like that to the beach. Just imagine the looks you’d get.