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The Sound Defense K9 Warning Device offers patent pending technology in a handheld dog repellent of high impact plastic that emits a very loud, audible signal. The signal is specifically designed for a dog. The sound focuses in on a dog’s sensitive hearing range. The Sound Defense K9 Warning Device has been formed to allow for easy access and use. It includes a pocket clip, and there is a bicycle attachment or utility holster for sale separately. The Sound Defense K9 Warning Device is designed to help people who ride a bicycle or recumbent bike, walk or run to keep a safe distance from aggressive dogs. The electronic dog deterrent device can be safely used by cyclists. The L shaped housing offers cyclists the ability to point the device at the approaching dog while keeping eyes on the road ahead. The Sound Defense K9 Warning Device operates in any orientation. It can be used in the upside down position. Normal use time is 2-15 seconds providing many uses. There is a low battery light to indicate when battery should be changed. 9V Battery included.

Jan 16, 2015 - What makes the Sound Defense an effective, aggressive dog repellent

Dogs can be quite fascinating creatures, particularly because they have their own rules and unique way of communicating. But they can be very intimidating too, especially if they are strange dogs or if an unfamiliar person happens to walk into their territory. This is where a problem could occur. If a dog is trained or highly aggressive, there is a risk that it might attack and cause physical harm. If you happen to live in an area where you could run into an aggressive animal, consider using a dog pepper spray. With this animal repellent, there really is no such thing as an intimidating dog when you can intimidate them with the right .

Who Should Consider Carrying A Repellent For Aggressive Dogs?

When an aggressive dog attacks, stop them with this Back Off Dog Repellent and Holster We believe the best method of prevention is to use a dog attack deterrent device, including one of our products that is designed to repel aggressive dogs. Look through the products to your right to get an idea of how our dog repellent and dog deterrent devices work.

Dog MACE is the most aggressive dog repellent on the market

What makes the Sound Defense an effective, aggressive dog repellent? It is an effective product for multiple reasons. It is reliable. It can work in any kind of weather and does not need to be aimed directly at the canine. It has a low-battery light, so the user knows when to replace the 9-volt battery. […]

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