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The height of an elevated dog bowl allows large dogs to eat comfortably without putting strain on their spine, which aids in digestion. Neck strain is also minimized when your pet can eat from a dog bowl that stands at his chest height. Dogs with arthritis appreciate the ease of using an elevated bowl, too. Standard bowls force the dog to bend at the joints to eat, which may cause discomfort.
This feeder holds two 3 quart bowls, which are included. Height is adjustable from 5" to 20" (top of bowl). Perfect for growing puppies who push around food bowls.
A handle at the top make this feeder easy to move. Disassembles without tools into three pieces for storage or transport.

All about Great Danes exclusive, made in the USA, 32-inch adjustable elevated dog feeder.

One of the greatest benefits of using a raised pet feeder is improved pet posture. Both large and small dogs are prone to bone and joint strain, especially strains on the hip and shoulder areas. Using a raised pet feeder such as the Neater Feeder can help reduce these aliments. The ergonomically correct Neater Feeder design is unlike most raised pet bowls because it is adjustable and comes in many sizes to ensure proper dining height. We do not have a one-size fits all standard raised dog bowl like most companies. This feature allows you to ensure your elevated dog bowl is kept at the height that allows maximum comfort for your dog.

Adjustable Elevated Feeders for large dogs

Adjustable, elevated dog feeder to promote healthy consumption of food and water. Unless your veterinarian advises using an adjustable elevated dog feeder because your pet has a specific condition that would make it beneficial, don't use one. Using these products requires a risk-benefit analysis, because they do carry a risk many people are unaware of. If your pet has no health problem that would be eased with use of an elevated feeder, buying one is at best a waste of money, because it isn't a natural or comfortable position for your dog to eat in. At worst, these products may lead to a potentially fatal condition called gastric dilatation and volvulus syndrome, or GDV.

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Because Proper Posture Promotes Better Digestion!

An elevated pet feeder that grows with your pets. Adjustable legs allow you to increase the height of the feeder as your pet grows. The elevated position of the bowls eliminates stress placed on joints caused by leaning while eating, improves digestion and encourages an ergonomically correct feeding posture. The elevated pet feeder is especially beneficial for older dogs and dogs with arthritis.

Detachable, collapsible bowls wash clean in the dishwasher and the entire feeder collapses for easy storage when not in use. Perfect for traveling, everyday home use, or use in RVs, boats, cars, hotels and camping.

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