It’s a good idea to add some fats to your dog’s diet.

I have 2 Chinese Crested dogs. their skin is very dry and has pimple. Do i feed it to them or rub un their skin? Also i have 2 week powderpuff baby that isn’t getting enough nourishment from mom, is it safe to give him a couple of drops in his feeding bottle to help digestion and colic from formula? You can send any a severe to my email wildfire8875@msn. Thank-you. I started feeding the mom some because she refused everything I tried to feed her. She had c section and two pups were dead so she’s very depressed, stressed, and the trauma of loss and medications. Tonight she ate an 8 oz serving of a mixture I created and added some coconut oil to see if she would try it. It worked! Thank you for this site. Now I have hope.

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I know that sounds crazy … millions of dog owners feed their dogs fish oil every day. And there’s good reason to add fish oil to our dog’s bowl every day – he needs the omega-3 fats it contains.

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of How to Add Fiber to a Dog's Diet was reviewed by  on January 1, 2017. While you don’t need to add vegetables to your dog’s diet, it doesn’t mean that you can’t. Many pet owners offer carrots, green beans, or broccoli to dogs as treats.

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Dogs should drink about an ounce of water per pound of body weight daily, and of course you know to always have fresh, clean water available. And pooches usually regulate their own intake; if you notice changes in drinking habits, see your vet, as this could indicate health problems. Doggie sports drinks are available, and while it might be cute to share a post-workout quaff with Bingo, canines don’t need specialty drinks. (They don’t sweat out electrolytes like humans do.) As for dental rinses and water additives, see your vet if you’re concerned about halitosis and plaque, and to get recommendations.

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Those cases are sad. The dog either gets trapped in its owner's sedentary lifestyle which is far removed from its natural needs....or it just gets old before its time. But the saddest thing is, in such cases the owner really loves the dog!