Acana dog food range is produced by Champion Petfoods.

Gorco, just because people work at a pet store, doesn’t automatically mean the know what they’re talking about. Just buy the food that your dog does well on, and to heck with those people. There is NO reason that you’re dog shouldn’t be able to eat either Orijen or Acana, if she does well on them. Size makes no difference.

Acana Heritage Dog Food (USA) receives the Advisor’s second-highest tier rating of 4.5 stars.

I did extensive research about Acana and it’s one of the best and healthiest kibbles. Most people complain it’s expensive however, since this kibble is so rich you do not need to feed as much kibble as other brands. My dog weights 16 pds and I do not give her more than 1/2 cup per day since the kibble is very filling. I also do not want her gaining any weight. I highly recommend Acana and if I should get another dog I would only feed them Acana.

Orijen feeders: Would you feed your dog Acana?

Acana Heritage Dog Food (Canada) receives the Advisor’s top rating of 5 stars. In this category and many others, Acana consider themselves to be miles ahead other commercial dog food brands out there that are being aggressively marketed as high quality dog food.

And from that list, they no longer offer Acana Adult Dog kibble.

Acana dog food has many different dog food formulas and recipes that take into consideration different dog breeds of different sizes, different ages and different nutritional needs, which means that they have something for everyone.

As expected, Acana dog food has never been recalled.

Beginning in early 2016, Acana dog food is now available in two product lines. One group of recipes is produced for USA consumers and the other for Canadians.I work at a store that sells both Orijen and Acana. As of right now Orijen has not changed because it is still being solely manufactured out of Canada. There is talk (and this most likely will happen) of Orijen being moved over to the DogStar plant in the future. Orijen is however about to down size their large bags to a 25lb and slightly decrease the price (which they just recently increased). What I have heard from a few reps is that a lot of loyal Champion customers are not happy with the foods coming out of the new plant. In fact a few people on the review side have mentioned finding pieces of plastic in the new Acana Hertiage line. Guess time will tell as they are probably trying to get into the swing of things.My Wilson has been on alternating bags of Acana Singles – Lamb and Acana Singles – Duck for over a year, maybe 2 yrs? now. We are finishing up a bag of duck so I stopped by my local dog food store for a bag of lamb. And she let me know that it is out of the Kentucky plant now. She implied the lamb and duck formulas had no change as far as ingredients but warned that the fish based ones like Orijen Six Fish did change because of different types fish in Kentucky vs. Canada. Going to stop feeding this to my cats! My friends and I were across the bay and almost went by Pet Food Express on the way home and I was trying to tell them about Acana and how it’s one of the top lines that there is. I went to look it up online under Acana dog for them to prove it to them and was shocked at the amount of people that said they had to take their dogs off of that or could not feed them that- that they were having digestion problems, intestinal problems and vomiting since they opened the plant in Kentucky instead of just the Canadian version. When I think back to when my elderly cat stomach started rumbling coincides with when I started them on Acana!…and they have been vomiting more often and I thought maybe she was getting IBS or IBD possibly kidney issues even though her pretty recent/previous tests came out fine?! I was even giving her PepAC! I was about to take her into the vet but I think now I’m just putting them on Taste of the Wild only until I find something even better that works and see if it goes away. By the way people with young Pats have a claim that’s also so it’s not just an elderly thing but I had my neighbor put his cats on it and his older cat has been having issues so I told him to stop using it as well and see what happens. Too bad you put your faith in what you think is a fantastic expensive product and then you see that what you thought was a possible serious health issue could just be this food alone. Be careful, watch for signs – I hope more people read this !