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7. (large size: dogs up to 12 lbs; small size: dogs up to 7 lbs) – Yet another dog car seat from Snoozer, as they have a large variety of offerings. This one is much smaller than the above two mentioned, because even the largest size will fit only a bigger “small” dog. Nevertheless, it may be a more affordable option and their huge range of styles and colors makes it something to consider.

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Kurgo Skybox dog booster seat is listed as number four on our list of best car seats for dogs, but this is one of the most popular dog car seats pet owners often buy on Amazon to great satisfaction. It's best for small to medium dogs up to 20 lbs, although 20 pound dog would be exact fit with little to no room left. Ideally, I'd say it's best for dogs up to 16-18 lbs where they still have a tiny bit of wiggle room left.

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Item # ODO-2 DOG-CAR SEAT 15. (one size: dogs up to 20 lbs) – The absolute cheapest dog booster seat, AKC's option is popular among pet owners, likely due to its lower price tag; however, the whole design of this dog car seat leaves much to be desired. Constructed more like a backpack for cars rather than an actual seat, it lacks in sturdiness, padding and comfort, but is worth the low price.

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Car seats for dogs are everywhere in the market today, so much so that it is even confusing to choose the very best. What is even worse is the fact that all manufacturers of this product claim to have the best. Their marketing insinuates, no iterates this over and over again. So with everyone professing to be the best, it would do you much good to read through a list of top 10 best dog car seats in 2017. How they compare to each other and why they are unique. Read through to the very end.

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This dog car seat cost me about $12 for materials. Looking on Amazon or at local stores they can run at the cheapest $35 going up over $100. ...This dog car seat cost me about $12 for materials. Looking on Amazon or at local stores they can run at the cheapest $35 going up over $100. Update: In regards to Mitt Romney, Tuffy the Wiener dog would like to say: I RIDE INSIDE!

Lookout 2 Dog Car Seat Demo. This is the deluxe model that comes with a shoe box sized slide out plastic drawer in which you can keep treats, water, bowl, food, leash, etc.

WARNING: IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU HAVE YOUR DOG IN A HARNESS AND THAT THE HARNESS IS STRAPPED TO THE CAR'S SEAT BELT. This is necessary so that if you jam on the brakes the dog does not go flying into the dashboard or otherwise move about injuring himself.

The seat comes with a strap, but NOT a harness. So if you don't have a harness, buy one.

This medium seat was $125 with tax (ouch), but that's with the drawer option.

The video was shot with my Samsung Galaxy S T-Mobile Vibrant that shoots in 720p HD mode. IMHO a fantastic cell phone camcorder.What dog owners will love is the variety of colors, fabric options and designs that Snoozer Lookout car dog seat comes in (they currently have 10 different designs, all comfy looking). For protection, there's a strap provided for car's seat belt to join the harness. In terms of sizes, they only have two (small and medium), and the medium dog car seat will support any pooch up to 25 lbs.