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Rudy Green’s Doggy Cuisine™ is a delicious human-grade dog food made from 100% real meat and veggies and contains no “meat meal”, by-products, dyes, preservatives or fillers.

The Evanger’s 100% Meat Classic product line lists six canned dog foods… each made for .

Vance Decker,
You may want to tune down you abrasive way of talking to the lot of us. You seem to blame people who care about their dogs to be responsible for the crap that China imports into this country. Now let me enlighten you. All of us here are not supporting any Chinese importers, if anything we are very much against the idea. I have 4 big dogs and I have had 2 of them for nearly 13 years and I have avoided any food that has not been sourced from the Americas. I do not feed them any supplements, nor do I take any supplements, because I believe that a basic healthy diet contains everything we or our dogs need. if you believe that your dog needs supplements you are not feeding your dog the right diet and probably you are not feeding yourself the right diet, either. The issue here is that China has cornered the market of supplements and I do not trust them as far as I could throw a 1000 pound block of shite…go on fed your poodle the supplements. I feed my dogs meat and high quality chow…verified Canadien, because they seem to care more about their pets than humans 😉


Like similar designs, this Evanger’s 100% Meat Classic dog food is unique in its especially simple design. • Freeze-dried dog food is a mix of raw vital organs, muscle meat, blood & bone
• 100% Farm raised, USA sourced Wisconsin
• No fillers, veggies or artificial preservatives
• Absolutely NO rendered or meal products

100% natural ingredients and no artificial flavors or colors.

But being 100% meat, the product was never intended to be fed as a complete and balanced canine diet. Because they probably lack some essential nutrients, supplemental dog foods should not be fed continuously as the sole item in a dog’s diet.

The best Real Meat Dog Treats and Real Meat Cat Treats

If you’re new to the idea of preparing fresh food for your dog, you may be wondering, “Well, if dogs are descendents of wolves, and wolves in the wild survive off of meat, then why don’t we just feed our dogs a diet of 100% meat? Why do they need veggies added at all? Isn’t that unnatural?”We launched our newest innovation this Spring: the first dry dog food made with 100% real fresh meat, and fruits & veggies you can actually see. We’re so proud to bring the power of fresh to the shelf especially because so many of you pet parents have been asking us for a recipe like this for your furry one.Of course you aren't strictly limited to the use of cannedfood containing 95-100% meat, and this is not to say that cannedfood containing some rice, or oats, or potatoes/sweet potatoesalong with meat isn't suitable - just keep in mind that your goalis to increase the proportion of meat and less processed foods inyour dog's overall diet.If the package of dog food that you regularly purchase for your dog had a picture of a dead dog on the front accompanied by the words, “Fortified with 100 percent natural dog meat!” would you still buy it? Probably not. And yet this might very well be what you are scanning at the grocery store checkout and scooping into your dog’s bowl.