Five Myths About Shock Collars, E-Collars, And Remote Trainers

Educator is a dog company that specializes specifically in safe and human shock collars for dogs. According to the manufacturer themselves as well as a multitude of feedback from dog owners, the company invests a lot into research and proper manufacturing practices to ensure and of their dog training collars. When compared to household names such as Dogtra, SportDog or Garmin, the line of products from Educator easily stands up to these famous brands.

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I have two labradoodles ages 2 and 6. We have lived on an acre of land with a big backyard and an invisible fence that kept them safe and in the yard and they learned quickly and didn’t mind it and were happy. The dogs bark constently and loudly every morning when neighbors are still asleep and in the middle of the day aswell. We are haveing to sell our house and downsize and our soon to be new back yard for the dogs is much much smaller and the houses are close together and we are afraid the barking will cause problems with the neighbors and result in them poisining our dogs. We are thinking of barking shock collars, but I love my dogs very much and dont Want them to stress or be in pain but they MUST stop barking! Our dogs are very spoiled and are terrible with training (they think they’er the boss) what do I do to stop the barking and help make the move easier for them to adjust to the new house and backyard?

Jul 29, 2013 - Shock collars for dogs: either love 'em or hate 'em

At Good Life® we believe that shock collars are inhumane and potentially unsafe for use on dogs Shock collars for dogs, are a popular, safe, and effective means of dog training and/or containment. Also known as electric collars, , or , shock collars for dogs use the principles of aversion training to condition your dog to avoid certain behaviors (or areas) using a negative stimulus. Aversion training, or avoidance training, is a time-tested training method that works by pairing a negative consequence with a certain behavior, place, or thing to teach the dog to avoid it. Dog Training collars can be used as effective training method if used properly, these devices are not intended as a punishment device and should be used in a conservative manner to correct nuisance or undesirable behavior such as jumping, barking or digging.

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Consider a bark control collar or sensor to reduce excessive dog barking. Bark control tools help reinforce communication with your dog by sensing your dog's barking and administering a safe, but annoying, shock correction, letting them know when barking is appropriate and when it is not. Bark control tools are available at your local Tractor Supply Co. store and help dogs learn to associate unnecessary barking with a negative experience: the shock of the bark collar. When used consistently, bark control collars can effectively stop the barking behavior.

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